Need help with removing authenticator

Hello, I need help for my another account because I tried contacting CS and they responded asking what is the answer to the security question but I cannot remember it since it was years ago. Are there any ways to verify?

Yes, you need to submit ID verifying you are the account holder. That should have been one of the options given to you when you made the ticket. Here is the article about accepted IDs

In violation of GDPR for Blizzard to do so.

No, it is not. The link provided was the US link because this is the US website. Any instructions specific to the EU, to comply with EU laws, are on the EU version of the Blizzard website.

Did you have a specific issue you needed help with? Bumping multiple threads from months ago with false statements is not constructive.

LOL, how happy are you being a MVP sheep for Blizzard? How is that any different? It all very private identification documents, and is threading against GDPR.

Down the bottom line, Blizzard has a failing 2FA with no proper fallback and IS requesting more information than it should. It didn’t care when people sign-up and buy, but when a problem arise due to Blizzard’s own paradox approach of 2FA or even close of account - they make all in the effort of making people lost their purchase and worse don’t even make them close their account without giving out extreme private information that didn’t require to do so when open of new account. Classy. And the close account procedure of require ID is in violation of GDPR. Any user has the right of request personal data being store after given. And how are one suppose to request such data when the account is closed?

You agree in your contract with Blizzard that to open a Battlenet account you are an adult in your country and will register with your real name.

The procedures, if you read them, have been reviewed by lawyers and do hide some of the ID info when you submit it.

As for requesting personal data from a company, you need to have an account in good standing with access. They don’t just give that personal data to anyone. Only to the registered account holder via the LEGAL NAME you used to sign up - which was required.

If you don’t agree, feel free to see your lawyer.

P.S. The point of 2FA is to use a secondary device to prove your identity. If that fails, they WILL use other means to do so - like your ID proving you are the account holder. Otherwise anyone can just take the account if they have access to the email.

I registered my account on Diablo 2 back in 2000, and it DID not indicate that!

And again, people change names, people has same names. Not to mention, Blizzard even allow users to change their names in their account at any given time without the need of 2FA, which just further proofs the flaws of the system. That you cannot match Blizzard account with any person’s ID, it just unkown ulterior motives for asking people’s physical ID on Blizzard’s part.

PS. You can quote on Blizzard all you want - when Google, Facebook, Steam, EPIC, etc all have a fallback method and Blizzard don’t, it does paint certain picture, does it?

I am not sure about Diablo 2, but your modern Battlenet account requires legal proof of name change (marriage, divorce, legal name change) to be submitted to Blizzard. Same goes for Country change. Everything I said, and the Authenticator, applies to modern Bnet.

Diablo 2 is a different system with none of those things.

Here is the EU legal page with the things you agreed to for a modern Bnet account (including Auth)

You will want to provide that to your lawyer.

How is the irrelevant? I’ve opened my account via Diablo2, and the account lasted till now. So no, your weak of statement of Diablo2 is old. And as I mention earlier, Blizzard allows people to change their names of their account at any time without 2FA defeat the purpose of using a person’s physical ID as per your quote

If that fails, they WILL use other means to do so - like your ID proving you are the account holder.

And no, I don’t need to provide that link to any lawyer. Have you read the news how EU just fines company for failing to comply with GDPR? Blizzard can just be glad they are not under the limelight yet.

Yes and no. Your Battlenet 1 account was for Diablo 2. You have not used it for modern Blizzard games in a VERY long time. It is only applicable to Diablo 2.

The modern Battlenet 2 started in 2009 and requires a different agreement that you had to agree to in order to play.

You agreed via the contract that the terms could be updated at will and your recourse was to stop playing if you disagreed.

Again the cherry pick of my statement. You can go Battlenet1/2 all you want. IT IS using the same credential, thereby same account (maybe 2 system if you wan to call it).

Don’t deviate, we 're talking about the loopholes and failing 2FA of Blizzard’s implementation. Nothing else. There is no proper fallback, and the request for a person’s ID while allow people to change their account name without 2FA is a failed 2FA as you cannot properly tie Blizzard account with any person. Which make no sense why Blizzard is seeking for people’s ID.

No, they are not. The first Bnet system for D2 and such is NOT the same or even tied in to Bnet 2.0 which hosts the modern games and uses the launcher.

Again, the EULA requires your REAL NAME and information. Changing your name on your account requires submitting legal documentation to Blizzard. (Marriage, divorce, legal name change).

Your understanding is simply incorrect. They require real name to start with, and require legal documents to change it. They require legal documents to access an account if it is in dispute or you lost access.

The whole point is that 2FA is not easy to remove. Either you follow the EULA you agreed to or you don’t. Up to you.

Stop quoting on EULA. When a person can change names on the account free at will, it means Blizzard cannot identity account correctly under circumstance. And as a test, I just changed my accounts name, so you may stop try to defend for Blizzard.

Yes, they have recently allowed a first name change. They don’t allow a last name change without the legal documentation.

If you feel so strongly about this, you need to seek council outside - such as a lawyer. No amount of arguing here will help you remove an authenticator without proof of identity.

Sure, recently… I believe you. Try very hard to proof against my case aren’t you? Guess what? Surname can be changed at will without 2FA too. Honestly, if you going to suck up to Blizzard, do it better don’t let a general user like me doing the work for you telling what can/cannot work. And it’s makes no different and just proofs my point - you cannot link any account and person real ID, which just makes the whole process of requiring a physical ID more bogus.