Need help on account login

Hi, I tried to contact customer service multiple times by clicking that Can’t login to remove authentication for my account.

But so far I haven’t got any reply while a week passed. It says estimation 24hrs respond, now I am expecting 240hrs probably still no respond.

So I have another battlennet account got stuck on login. Because it keeps asking me authentication approval which I no longer have access to the authentication app.

The full story is I changed my phone, I don’t have access to my old phone anymore. When I try to login to that account, it keeps asking me the approval from authenticator. I noticed there is a button “Can’t login” that I thought it could help me to remove the authentication. But after going through the process, it either says “there is no authentication method associate to that account” while every time login it keeps asking me for that, or it brought me to create a support ticket which I already did almost 1 more week ago but still don’t have any respond yet no matter it says respond estimation is 24hrs. The estimation 24hrs is kinda long to 240hrs now. I am not expecting to get any respond by submitting ticket multiple times. So I’m trying to reach out through this account and create a post here see if I can get any replies