Myzrael the dead server

Any idea when Myzrael will be back up? Seems like its been down awhile and i personally am sick of checking every few mins.


looks like all the servers are down.

All the server are up on my list , except Myzrael. Just double checked 3 other servers , they all brought me to make a charecter screens

Madoran is also down when I try to log in it says world servers are down

Thanks for the reply . Maybe my list is buggy then . I only tried TBC US west servers and never went past the create a character screen on the 3 i tried . Sigh.

So, why is it down? Anyone know?
Guess I’ll go play on Retail until it comes back online…

Myzrael is STILL down!!! ONLY MYZRAEL…BTW???

So, maybe, you know…F I X IT!?

Just an idea.

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Comfirmed its only Myzrael. Made a lvl 1 toon on whitemane and they be poppin . Wish they would estimate a time already.

yep just funny how its only one relm that’s down on the west side while the others are all up…go figure and blizzard wonders why they aren’t being as loved as years before…wonder what guild run or player ran a addon that crashed the relm?..LOL i remember those days…

It is FINALLY back up!