My thoughts on Diablo 4 so far

After having levelled and played every class up to level 25.

I find that ranged builds with pets completely outshines melee builds (Barb-Hota and Whirlwind, Rogue’s melee builds, and Druid’s Melee builds) until the character gets some gear to be able to survive while being in the middle of monsters. I do not wish for a nerf, but a buff or changes to the underpowered abilities of melee builds. I haven’t tried going melee wizard or necromancer to see if they also outshines the melee abilities of the Barb, Rogue, and Druid. Again, please do not nerf the ranged builds, please buff melee builds instead.

However, due to the Barb and Druid being unable to get their class quests and being capped at level 25. I may be wrong if there is a huge leap in power after getting more abilities as well as better gear. If I am not wrong…please buff instead of nerfing if you’re going to balance classes and builds out.

I also think it would be a great idea to have Obols drop at completion of dungeons so players can gamble them for a shot at gear because not all dungeons end up dropping a legendary and having only obols drop from chests from world events only is a bit boring. There is an exception (in dungeons) with cursed chests and cursed shrines, but they don’t always spawn in dungeons.

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