My status in the mobile app

My online status synced between the mobile app and desktop app is a very annoying feature.
I only want to be ‘online’ when I turn on the desktop app, at the desk, ready to play. Not when I’m in the office or I’m outside.
Yes, I can change my status in the mobile app but that change syncs back to the desktop app which I do not want.
Please add an option to desync online status in the mobile app.

Yes, this, 1000 times this. I don’t really understand why this is like this.

When I am ‘online’ on the desktop app, it’s because I’m at my computer and I have opened the desktop app. When I close it, it goes to ‘away’ because I have the mobile app installed. AWAY? Away like, “Oh, I’m here, I just stepped away for a moment, but I’m totally here” away?

This is nonsense. I’ve never used the mobile app, and literally the only reason I installed it is because the mobile authenticator claimed it was being deprecated, and that I should download the mobile app. I’m not ‘away’ on the mobile app any more than I’m ‘away’ from any other app that I’m not using, but if I mark myself as offline, it propagates to the desktop app.

Can we get this changed to have separate statuses for the desktop & mobile apps?

Or, is the only method offered to do this to mark myself as online after opening the desktop app, and then, before closing the desktop app, mark myself as invisible?

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I am forced to install and use that damn Battle Net App only because of the Authenticator now. If my status was used in another way it wouldn’t bother me at all, because it would take its dust until I need a confirmation. But this way I rather uninstall my Authenticator than using the BNet App on my Smartphone. And yes, just because I am permanently online-afk. I hate having people online, that are not really online. They don’t get the messages on their phone either (It would at least make sense then!).

Please, Blizz, change the online status to either seperately adjustable or give us the option to disable “being online” in the smartphone-app and only for the smartphone-app at all.

(Yes, I can turn off and on my invisibility all time in my Desktop App, but seriously this is going onto my nerves.)