My same email is logging into a new account on the app?

I have no idea what is going on here, but yesterday I uninstalled some games on my app because I needed space. Now today I log in on the same account with the same email and password - but to my surprise once I log in its a totally different account with no games purchased. How do I regain access to my old battle tag I had yesterday if I want to redownload the games I paid for?


Who else knows your Battle.Net e-mail and password ?

It looks like your Battle.Net account was hacked… it goes like this:

  • the hacker logs on your account and changes your e-mail and password;
  • he then creates a new Battle.Net account with your original e-mail and password – of course, there are no licenses attached to that account;
  • when you log in, you get the new Battle.Net account created by the hacker – not your original account.

Check your mail for notifications from Blizzard or Battle.Net… including the trash and spam folder. If there are no mail, then it probably means that the hacker also hacked into your e-mail and deleted the notifications that would have been sent by Blizzard… and you should change your password.

There’s a Support note on hacked account here:

You should go through that… first, secure your computer… then submit a ticket to get your old account back – there’s a link (in blue) in that Support note. You will likely need to provide a photo/scan of an official photo ID… see this Support article for details: Providing Government-Issued Identification - Blizzard Support. You will also need to provide a new e-mail where your old licenses can be transferred to – your current e-mail address is no longer safe. You should probably discontinue its use (yes… I know… that’s a real pain).

Best of luck with this.

I really dont believe this to be the case because the email is an icloud email with the need for the phone code to log in. I will do these things however to hopefully recover it.

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