My new desktop app feedback

As I’m reading all of these opinions on the matter, I suppose that I should put mine in as well.

First of all, why? Why did we need this? The old launcher did what it was supposed to do. We didn’t need this extra nonsense.

Second, why do I have to look at my friends list at all times. If I wanted to see who was online, I could just simply click the little button and have it pop out. Plus, when I clicked on a game to the left, it showed me who was playing that current game anyway. Furthermore, now my favorites are not on top anymore. That’s where they need to be. I want to see them first. That was the point of the favorites option, right?

Thirdly, what is with all of these picture links when there’s a list on the left to take me to the same place? And you can’t even click the little X to close them anymore. I have to look at the same “BUY THIS BUNDLE” “Watch the MDI cup” crap that I personally don’t really want to see. Others might, but I want the option to close it. Sure you can shrink the window to not see everything, but I know it’s still there.

Please, just give us the choice to just make the app plain and simple again. I know you are a company that wants to make money, but you can do it by advertising on TV, radio or maybe even before movies. Don’t clutter up the launcher. It’s to launch games without having to authenticate every single time.