My friend is maybe hacked! HELP

Hi, i am a diablo immortal player.

My friend Got disconnected during bg match (Black screen) and got discon from Now it say the e-mail error dont have in that e-mail - recovery with phone didnt help much - and recieved sms and the e-mail had changed ??

  • how to get the account back
    Please help - friend have been try to put in ticket!! No reply yet… can i assist here?
    2 days waiting now

Yes, that is exactly what your friend needs to do – more info here: Blizzard Support - Account Hacked

The wait time for replies by Blizzard Support is longer than usual, your friend will need to be patient.

There is nothing that you can do to speed the process up or help your friend; also, nothing can be done on the forums. Account issues can be resolved only through a ticket.

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