My first impressions of this beta

First of all, sorry for any kind of mistakes in my English. I’ll try my best.

*Great cinematics
*Great graphics. Not “TOON”'s graphics like D3
*I really don’t know what else.

*No singleplayer option
*In the inventory, an armor uses the same space than a ring. So you don’t have to worry about inventory space management.
*Mana is almost irrelevant. Instead of mana you could just have cooldown and it would be the same.
*Indications in the map for everything. In old Diablo games there wasn’t any suggestions for quests. This takes away from the immersiveness. You could get lost in Diablo 2 dungeon’s and maps (like in act II and III), but in D4 you have to be very dxmb to loose yourself.
*Diablo 2 openworld >>>> Diablo 4 openworld. At least for now.
*Not agree with mobs drops that kind of bubble potions. It looks like a mobile game.
*For me (my personal preference), the cities are too big. This is not cool because I hate run all the way from one point to another to do things, and most of the map are used for nothing.
*A lot of you can be disagree with this but… the game is very easy, even in veteran using a melee char. That makes health pots almost irrelevant, and pots management non-existent.

Sorry but I really think this is a braindead game. I think this happens when you took call of duty developers to make an ARPG game.



Feedback from my side:

  • overall good battle system, nice feeling and smooth
  • overall graphic and cinematics quality
  • it is better than D3
  • I have heard couple of options about fonts, low complexity or simplicity while playing - In my option non of this is a problem. Like for first 25 levels - it is fine. I would even say that like for first 25lvl it is over complicated.
  • Skill snake is fine too, how it works is reduced to the same mechanics as in D2, so “as some level you will get access to following set of skills to pick”. You may address any issues with it, just by presenting it in the form of D2 trees (as concept - not in game).

Small Cons:

  • Cinematic mode is overwhelming, camera adjustments for it are way too often
  • Game looks sometimes empty, not sure if it is because another players killed everything
  • Why character have Western Europe accent? (russian xd)
  • Hide side quests to avoid mess - is this H&S or isometric Dragonage?
  • Re-spec is too cheap - either this should require more gold or some magic item (like … “book of souls” or whatever)

Bigger cons:

  • Item and dmg inflation.
  • Legendary Items are not Legendary - there is no that feeling that there is something outstanding.
  • Rolling afix is too cheap and too easy - this should require something “more” or be removed from the game. For me this is a cheap implementation to fix issue with bad combination of affixes in items.
  • I have plaid rouge - Dependency on energy and cooldown are slowing game, I would rather take lower dmg with shorter cd.
  • dmg is extremely unpredictable :slight_smile: - with shadow rouge I was able to take dawn pack of 15/20 foes in 3 seconds (via explosions), and later struggle with 3 leftovers (waiting for cd or energy). Those two states of total wipe-out while you are “prepared to battle” and struggle with few foes just after first couple seconds of battle, this is something devastating to the game play, and it is totally opposite to the D3, this is only one thing which in D3 is better. I like overall battle feeling but I would rather take shorter CD with smaller dmg than “insane dmg at first shot and lame after that”.
  • Mob scaling is just lame, this is something what is wiping out “progress feeling”.

No progression feeling (mob scaling), lack of unique feeling of unique items, and slowing battle due CD is a deal breaker for me. I felt a bit like in Warhammer Inquisitors Martyr, means “nice gameplay” but lack of sense of play.
Thanks for open beta experience - it was overall way better than I have expected based on reviews, and also worse than I have expected based on your … advertisements :).

PS5 version only:

  • second hand weapron or ring access should be done via “L2+triangle” - like PS used to do it for all games - alternative or second type of same item are always accessible via L2+something.
  • pick sill to the deck should changed, currently it is frustrating - it require to find it in the “skill snake” → tap triangle → find slot on the deck → tap cross. It is insane because after each respec you have to figure out where the skills were located before respec - insane.
    There should be added yet another option - “deck edit view” which will allow to pick skill from the list of available skills (like in D2).