My COD MW account seems to be reset to Level 1?

Logged into my COD MW account yesterday and it seems like it’s reset to Level 1? I have none of my unlocked weapons or unlocked operators. Wants me to buy Season 3 Battle Pass, which I did last week. So I’m not locked out of my account but not sure if this is a hack or just a glitch by BattleNet or Activision? Anyone else having this issue? I am not starting over…really hope this can be resolved. I have years of unlocked items and such.

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when season 3 came out we all got set back to level 1.

You should not have lost any items or anything you have gained previously, just your levels back to 1.

Yes I understand we all go back to Level 1. Seen that before. But this time, all my weapons, upgrades, operators, etc… are all gone…everything that was unlocked needs to be re-done, that’s bs! Had all damascus and numerous operators and upgrades packs that I purchased. Any suggestions on who to contact regarding this? I’ve tried both BattleNet and Activision, submitted tickets… but no reply from either. This is a total bummer!

i have just the same problem, you fixt it yet?

Same happened to me. Havent been able to find any solutions. Any luck?

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I’ll give you a couple of links to help direct you: