My character is not listed on the Item Restoration tool


I have 10 characters on Pyrewood Village. There are only 9 on the item restoration. The character missing is my main, a level 70 shaman.

I sold an item that I wanted to restore last week, figured I must have restored something previously and it just greys out for 7 days before becoming visible again. This has not been the case and my character remains hidden within the tool.

I asked GM via the ticket system what I could do, I was told to list the items that I wanted restored to see if they could find the log. I gave the names, and the next reply (from a different GM) was that they wouldn’t restore items because that is what the item restoration page is for (!). I replied that since I haven’t been able to use the item restoration page for over a week because my character isn’t showing, could this stance be reconsidered. I have just received a second reply directing me to use the item restoration page to restore items as the GM’s are not there for my convenience.

I’m a little angry at this series of events, the only helpful suggestion from my last reply is that I make a bug report here, so, here it is. My character is not showing up in the item restoration list and I would desperately like it to be there, so I can use the tool as intended and not rely on the GM’s to understand and gave even the smallest amount of empathy.

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Hey CpnMorgan,

This forum is for technical support of the older legacy games, like Diablo 2. Edit: I didn’t realize which forum I was in.

World of Warcraft has their own dedicated forums that can be found here.

This is exactly where I was told to come by the GM responding to my ticket.

Oh! I didn’t realize what forum I was in when i replied. I’ll correct it above.

As for this support site feedback forum, it’s just a place to leave feedback, it’s not for receiving any assistance. If you are simply leaving feedback, then you are in the right place.

However, for bugs with a WoW service, I’m going ask around if this the best place for you.

I just heard back, and you’re good to go with a item restoration bug report post here.

Also, if it’s a website issue that is specifically WoW, you can used the special WoW Website Bug Report forum.

I’ve logged in to that forum and it says I need a level 10 character to make a post. I’m really at a loss, all these hoops I’m jumping through and I won’t actually get to use the service because the items will have dropped off the logs by now.

Are your characters on something besides the Americas region? If so, that’s likely why you can’t post on the AM forums.

As for the items themselves, on average they only last in the restoration system for about 30 days. After that, not even the GMs can restore them.

I play on the EU servers, so yes that will be why I am unable to submit a bug report I guess.

It was two BCC items that I wanted to recover, so if the system was working properly I would have been able to restore them. In fact, I would still have a couple of weeks left to use the item restoration tool. If anything knowing that has made me more angry that the GM’s have been so unwilling to consider my plight.

So, I can’t post on the Website bug forum, and it appears that no one that works for Blizzard monitors this forum as you’re the only person that has replied to this. So I guess I’ll forget about ever being able to use the item restoration tool for my shaman haha.

The ~30 days is for the higher quality items. Lower quality items are purged from the system sooner, sometimes much sooner depending on how low the quality is.

Don’t worry about the WoW forum, it was just another option. I checked to make sure the Quality Assurance team does monitor the posts here. (They do because the restoration service is part of the Support site.) However, they don’t typically reply unless they need more information. Also, bug reports are just that: reports to be investigated. They aren’t individual service requests. So unfortunately, they wouldn’t be able help on an individual basis any more than the GMs could.

So I should just hope that I get a reply from someone who can fix it so I know its working now, alternatively just hope that the next time I need to use the service it has been fixed because I may or may not get a response here?

That’s a stupid system and I hope you can see why its stupid haha.