My account hacked

Hi my account was hacked I sent a lot of ticket and nothing change I need help how can I get any help


Unfortunately, nothing can be done on the forums – the only way to get your account back is by sending in a ticket for a compromised account:

Sending more than one ticket is not particularly useful – it probably slows down the entire process since a Game Master now needs to group all your tickets together… instead of working to resolve tickets.

If you obtained a (or several) ticket number(s) when you’re submitted those tickets – you are in a queue and will need to wait until your turn comes up. I don’t know what the waiting time is… on the Europe forums, one player says he is still waiting 4 days after submitting a ticket.

Good luck with this !

Same here, 4 days and support didn’t answer me…
Blizzard wants our money and nothing more, this is insane