My BattleNet Account Hacked

i cant login to my account and after i saw my email i know someone change my battlenet account email then i know i get hacked so pls help me i want recover my account back
(im useing this account to write this post)

i have some informations maybe help me to get my account back like /Order Number/Invoice Number/Purchase Date/ and the email i get after i buy the game


There is nothing that can be done on the forums.

Therefore, for your own security, edit your post (the pencil tool under it) and remove your original e-mail address. Also, you should stop using that e-mail – it is no longer safe.

See this Support article for the steps you need to follow to regain your account:

You should also take some time to figure out how your account details were discovered by the hacker.

Good luck with this !

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i have open ticket but no one reply

Your ticket enters a queue with other similar tickets. As soon as your ticket’s turn comes up, Bliz will get back to you.

Approximately how long does it take until my turn comes?

We don’t know how long it will be, Th0v… we’re players like you… not Blizzard.

Like with any line, it just depends on how long it is. Tickets for account recovery are prioritized so as long as you submitted the correct ticket type, you’re in one of the faster lines.

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