My account was hacked and i need help support

hello my account was hacked and i’m trying to contact blizzard to get help but never got a reply back in six hours i made like 4 tickets and idk if the tickets i made was supposed to show in my recent or not it’s my first ticket i don’t know if the tickets will show in my recent tickets until they respond to it or not i just need some help to get my account back the number email and password was changed. what proof i need? i have a id but my name was different from the card information name on it i just need a response someone to at least help me been on my own for six hours i remember the last password the last number that was registered on it the last email i even have proof of the email that was registered the first time on that account i just need help i know it’s some way i can get it back and where i got the notification of the email being changed it never showed what the email was when i changed the first email that was registered to the account it showed wat was the new account email address so i don’t know what to do. might have to create a new account and just buy. cod all over again i had vanguard and mw for free 120$ dollars huh? i never wanted to trust this website anyways but how else i’m gonna run cod :woman_shrugging:t4: i just need help i just don’t understand how my number that i had verified on MY ACCOUNT gets easily taken off SUPPORT CONTACT ME



Putting in a ticket was the correct step to take… and you should have gotten an e-mail confirming that the ticket was received and providing a ticket number. If not, check your e-mail spam and/or trash folders; the ticket confirmation e-mail is sent to the account you submitted the ticket with.

It can take 24 hours (or more) before you get a reply from Blizzard Customer Support depending on how busy they are. An e-mail will be sent to notify you that a reply has been posted and provide a link where you may view it. You can check the status on your ticket on the My Tickets section (from the account you submitted the ticket from) and confirm that it was submitted properly.

There is a Support Note on account hacking here:

The words in blue are links to additional information.

Best of luck with this !

thanks i got it back but now when i try to link my pc back on activision its telling its linked into another account and i haven’t linked my pc into another account on activision ever since i got hacked on so now i’m confused again

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I’m glad that you could get your Blizzard account back.

I think you need to contact Activision to sort this out… I found this page on their Support site : ; it has some information on recovering a hacked Activision account as well as information on linking and unlinking an Activision account. That page also has a link to « Support Options » for other issues with Activision games.

I’m sorry if I cannot be of more help… I do not play Activision games, so I am unfamiliar with the way they work/operate.

Best of luck with this.

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i put a ticket in last night so i’m just waiting thanks for da help doe

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any update to your post? this is sad you have to come to forums for help

The internet is almost dead and already polluted i wonder why people go about claiming the name they mentioned is a good helper meanwhile i tried almost all and realized they are fake. the only man that proved professional for anything hack and credit repairs is bohdanbohdan93 @ mail . ru. he helped me recover my account from a guy who stole my account and discovered his from Texas smh… i am leaving the internet for a very long time use this man so that no one else fools you

Can you call Microsoft and ask to speak to someone from the Activision Blizzard department? I’m sure Bill Gates has a special section for them.