My Account is gone?!?!?

So basically i made a account in 2020 and downloaded cod and played it. Then in 2021 i bought Overwatch on the Account and know its just gone i cant recover it i tried evrything but well there goes my money spent for Overwatch down the drain and my account :confused:

Hey there Hatschi,

In cases like you describe, we often see the account was compromised and the email changed. Please contact us with a ticket specifically for a compromised account. In it you’ll want to include:

  1. Email(s) used. If it’s the same as what you’re contacting with, please state that.
  2. Order ID’s or CD keys claimed to the account (if you have them)
  3. We also need to verify the original owner is contacting us. We do that through a picture or scan of government issued ID.
  4. Lastly the email of the compromised account may need to be updated. We’ll need one that is not already in use by a account, which also means we can’t use the email you’re using to create this forum post with. Creating a new email may be needed for this step if you don’t have a spare already.

Once we get all that we should be able to track down the account, get things updated, and send a password reset to the email provided so you can get back to playing.

i got banned also like its so weird i got hacked and got it back and boom banned

Not really wierd at all. Hackers don’t steal accounts to do nice things. They advertise illicit services (gold sales, carries for real money, etc), bot for gold, etc. It is very common for stolen accounts to get banned - that is why the bad guys steal them…it is cheaper than paying for them.

You should be able to file a second ticket to appeal the ban. When it is clear the account was hacked while the prohibited activity took place, they unban the account.

There are quite a few tickets in queue right now due to some other ban waves for third party software and PvP AFK, etc. So it may take a bit of time, but your account should be unbanned if it was compromised.

i was downloading warzone yesterday and it said login expired and when i couldnt log in i wanted to change the password but it said account with that gmail account dosent exsist i tried like 5 times and didnt work then i tried to change gmail and it sent the number 5 to my number

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Hey all,

When it comes to compromised accounts, we can not assist through the forums and request a ticket be made. The information I listed above is exactly what’s needed to both investigate what went on and also help us get a player back into their account.

Susking and WildPants227, please do contact us so we can assist with each of your unique cases here.