My account got hacked

hii Really hope some manager / admin can help me

( I’m registering this message from another email account that use by my brother because I can’t connect to my account as soon as I register the email address I get a message that it doesn’t appear in the system and If i want to create a new account )

Now the situation is like this:

so few days ago i recive email "

“Hello PéreTz#2460,
We wanted to let you know that some information was changed for your account:
Your account’s e-mail address has been updated.”

so a soon i try to log to blizard with my email address it dosent work anymore
i guss my account got compromised

i left a ticket dident gett any response.
left a ticket on activision i get respone very fast.

the respone:
“We are unable to process your request (Case Number 586651257) because your issue is
not related to the purpose of the form.”

“Reminds me of the old days
that Blizzard support sends you to face Activision
And they as a response send you to Blizzard support
And the problem was solved at the end when you asked the support person for a refund
And hope he managed to solve the problem it was years ago”

I’m at a loss for ideas what it could be
Through Activision I can see that the email is still associated with the battle tag PÉRETZ#2460

I can connect and play through the ps5.
I receive messages that friends send me in the Blizzard APP
But can’t reply because he won’t let me to connect

I would be very happy to be treated
I recently purchased MW2 through the store
And I’m quite afraid that purchases will be made without my approval because the details are there

Suggestions for improvement :

  1. Bring back the live chat because the way it works now
    It’s really a rabbit hole, each topic sends you somewhere else, everyone believes
    Would rather wait on hold for 2 hours than 48h+
    from past experience

  2. You are already sending an email informing that changes have been made to the account
    Add a button for a limited time of several days that would allow you to return to the previous state
    Or at least suspend the account until an investigation is carried out if pressed
    (because in the given situation now I or any other person to whom this happens cannot connect to the account)

  3. You don’t need a number of 2FA programs because Activision was associated with Blizzard, just associate the applications

  4. As I can log in the application through the email account of Google, Apple or Facebook
    Add an option of entry through Activision.

The two were never connected. They are still not connected, even though some Activision games use the Bnet launcher now.

Your Activision account is handled by Activision.

Your Battlenet account is handled by Blizzard.

If your Battlenet account is compromised you need to deal with Blizzard. This forum here is for Blizzard accounts.

Battlenet account compromise starts here

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