MWIII Campaign (massive text because "to short of a title")

Sombody mind passing this on to those second rate developers of the Call of Duty series.
Game play problems aside, I for one am not impressed when the game hijacks the keyboard and mouse, crashes and still holds control of the keyboard, un-plugging and re-plugging gave control back to my mouse, and the keyboard was still locked out, even after task manager forced shut down of everything related to that game up to and including every battle net service, forcing me to hard reset the PC.
Pass it on, do not email me, do not message me, or you will get an ear full.
How this bs manages to pass the hands on phase is beyond me, can already tell 90% of it wasnt even play tested.

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Ooooooooohhhh Noooooooo.

Lol. Big boy words from someone who doesnt even know WHO makes the CoD games. Maybe try posting on the correct company’s forums??? Hint… its not blizzard. Smh.