MW2 Not showing up in BattleNet launcher/cannot preload Beta

I prepurchased MW2 last night so that I could preload the Beta.

It is not showing up as one of my games in the BattleNet launcher so I am unable to preload the Beta. When I go to the MW2 page in the shop and attempt to repurchase it, it says I already own it. It even shows up in my recent transactions on my account and through my bank.

I submitted a ticket but all they said was to wait until the game actually releases to try installing it but as you probably know, the PC Beta begins on Thursday (09/22).

Any solutions?


hello , i have similar problem too . the game show up for me but the download option for the beta doesn’t (beta version) , weired , i just submitted a ticket after i tried everything . i did not find anything that helps in the internet , guess we are the only ones having this issue LOL .


Same here. Weird thing I can see the Steam page for it and if I actually pre-ordered there I assume there would be no problem.

yes really weired , first time having this kind of issue

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When you bring open MW2, right above the Install button there is a drop down that you have to select Modern Warfare II Beta. I can install, but then it requires an update and I am unable to do the update because it says I did not give permission to change settings even though I already have clicked Yes multiple times.



The same issue has been reported on the French language Blizzard forum… this issue seems to affect several players.

Perhaps the final update will only be available later ???


nah bro, MW2 doesn’t even shows up in My Games despite me having the game.

I mean if I go to Store and select MW2 it says “you already own this game” but again, there’s no icon in My Games (and I don’t mean just “favorites” neither + nor do “owned games” tab show anything)


same happens to me i redeem a code today but still nothing is visible in my account what is going i can preload the game beta start tomorrow

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I was having the same issues but the link was right on that tab under the MW logo. It was written: New Beta available. So I clicked on it and then it worked.

hello the option
"in development
modern warfare II beta "
is non existant for me , there is no such option for me , tried what u said exactly and everything else that i could do still no solution

My mistake sorry… the option should be available if you click on the drop-down box… I’ll re-do the screenshot and post it in a few minutes.

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no problem , i know already , no need for a screenshot

mw2 isnt showing up on my main acc (ive tried reinstalling battle net even after removing all its files too )
the game is showing up on my new acc which i just created
Note: My main acc region is Russian Federation so maybe thats why idk

I am having the same issue as above. The game is not showing in my library even though it says i own it on the store page. I have opened a support ticket and all they did was tell me to contact activision and said my “code” would work tomorrow. There is no code for pre orders as far as i know. Support worker was so happy to just copy and paste 2 links and send me on my way. I dont even know if it was a real person at this point

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Click the + sign on the “All Games” bar to add a favorite.


Select “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II”


This will add the MWII icon on the All Games bar… and display the CoD: MW2 info. Click on “New Beta Available”.


Your Battle.Net Desktop App should now look like this… and show “Modern Warfare II Beta” and an “Install” button. Mine is showing a “Pre-Purchase Now” link because I haven’t bought MW II.

I hope this helps a bit.


I do not even have the option to add it to favorites. It is not listed in My Games, it is not an option in Favorites, but it shows I own in when trying to prepurchase it…


nothing on my new tab i already redeem code 12 hours back which activison sent me

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Hey guys update i have completely reinstalled the app and its now showing in my library. I wasnt able to uninstall it until i did another install if that makes sense. Once i had properly uninstalled and re installed it was showing in my library. I think my app broke during an update as the app is different with a fresh install. Hope this fixes it for you guys too


thank you but as i told you , i already did these exact steps over and over but the is no " modern warfare II beta " in my game version , it doesn’t show up , i tried so many things still can’t find it . i submitted a ticket and still waiting for response . this is so weired , i think if it persists i can’t even play the open beta , sad /

A fresh uninstall and reinstall of the launcher fixed it for me! best of luck friends