MW2 Game Crashing Constantly

I’ve tried everything I could, in terms of adjusting the game settings. Turned off, turned on, tried 1 at a time. crash. add or remove another… Tried it all Game will NOT stop crashing after the latest update ! Help!. I know I am not the only one. PC. Running solid 32 gram, 2070 super, m.2 drive installed on. I mean… Its not my specs. After latest Update , immediately all this happened… Tried using previous gfx driver, seemed to work for 1 day, and back to crashing.


у меня тоже зависания вылиты

Literally every other DMZ match. Ive lost so many things and High value weapons because of it. So tired of getting screwed by crashing.

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my game keeps crashing as well and its pissing me off

Same here. Game is crashing every single raid on dmz, tried everything.
-6700k 3080Ti 32gb ram M.2 Drive
-formatted hard drive reinstalled windows
-scan and repair files
-Check & Update all system drivers inc. GFX
-uninstall reinstall
-lowered gfx settings
-no game hooks (i.e ISLC, msi afterburner etc).

Its completely on their end. This is the game they gave us and the audacity to ask $70 for an unfinished pre-alpha product.

They dont give a damn about the community. just consumers… Their consumers literally showed them that they can get away with this year and year again because they’ll blindly “pre-purchase” their super mega ultimate limited edition every release regardless of the finished product.

Edit: Tried fullscreen exclusive borderless windowed etc and process priority high, still crashing


2 days later, no patch, no fix. Still crashing over the smallest things like getting in vehicles. Would actually be a fun mode if I didn’t lose all of my good stuff over Activisions incompetence.

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Same here, game one day would work fine and then the next would bluescreen within 30 seconds to 2 minutes of loading into call of duty, done all driver updates, ran countless tests on my pc and everything is perfect, have reinstalled the game twice, very disappointed, hope theres a fix or a new update fixing this soon

MSI z690 MAG Tomahawk DDR4
i9 12900kf 5.2Ghz 16 Cores 24 Threads
Zotac RTX 3080ti Trinity Caming OC 12gb
32GB G.Skill Ripjaws V 3600MHz 2x16gb
2TB Gen4 Aorus M.2 NVME R

Hey folks,

With Call of Duty being solely Activision’s property, in-game issues, such as crashing, needs to be taken to Activision for support.

Bliz’s only support involvement in the Call of Duty games is purchases, installation and patching. Thus, anything that occurs after pressing the “Play” button on the launcher falls into Activision’s jurisdiction.

See here for details:

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