MW2 Error code 0x887a0005

Due to lack of proper forums for MW II, I write here (and also reddit) hoping to get this resolved.

I keep getting this error code when game crashes mid match… 0x887a0005

I tried everything… new drivers, old drivers. Removing OC from GPU, updating windows, running game as admin…

all other games like OW2, CP2077, Doom Eternal, HZD etc etc run perfectly fine.

Does some1 know if its game issue or should I keep trying to find solution on my side?


I’m having the same issue. I’m tired of these sites offering every generic fix for anything as if it fixes this specific issue.

also running into the same issue.

  • running driver 526.66 as stated in their own patch notes to use.
  • 144hz / 2080ti / i7 9700k / 32gb 3600mhz F4-3600C16D
  • ive run as admin / disable texture streaming, nvidia reflec, shaders to low / verified files

So the thing that helped me most so far was doing a clean game install and hotfix drivers. Now I get the error once in a few hours which is progress.

I am having the same issue. I have tried everything posted everywhere. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled about 10 times just hoping something would change, i’ve changed the drives the game was installed on, scan and repaired, ran as administrator, uninstalled other games’ anticheat, and made sure my drivers were updated. I have AMD drivers so it isn’t just an NVIDIA problem. I’ve probably done more than that too, but I even emailed support over a week ago without any form of response, for an issue that they have not even acknowledged yet. Extremely disappointing and unplayable.


This is most likely a memory leak issue within the game modes ground war and invasion . With every game patch and driver update it seems to improve slightly . I wouldn’t fret over your system at this time as call of duty is notorious for these issues the first month or two of launch .

What’s wrong with this game? Sometimes it runs just fine, but most of the time it crashes. I’m now unable even to get to the menus screen, it crashes as soon as it starts to load the initial messages. Before that I was able to play one full match without any trouble, then it crashed loading the next lobby and now I’m unable to do anything.

I get a crash everyday I play, every 6 or 7 games I play. The problem is the game not your PC. Its a hot mess.

is there a fix for this I get this every hour or two, no idea what it is. I have latest drivers and reset shaders/checked game files.

5600x CPU
32gb 3600 ram
installed on

playing max settings, turned off texture streaming still happens. 1440p

Dude, I’m having the exact same issue! The game runs perfectly, I play a few matches, and then it crashes in mid game.

I may have finally figured it out. Do you play in fullscreen borderless, or fullscreen exclusive?

I was having the same issue since launch. And I tried everything I read but nothing fixed it. Then after using geforce experience to set the graphics settings to optimize, I noticed I was able to play for a whole day with no crashes. Before I was getting them every hour or so. Then today I realized optimizing set my game to fullscreen exclusive. I normally play borderless, so I switched it back and on my next DMZ game it happened again. So I switched back to exclusive and I was able to go the rest of the night without a crash.

TLDR: it seems like keeping the game on fullscreen exclusive solved my crashes.

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good to know. I think I also switched it to fulscreen, but I think I also had some issues with Easy anti cheat.

I am experiencing the same issue; full screen exclusive didn’t help.

Yea now I’m just SOL. I’ve got nothing. It worked for me for 3 full days without a crash, but I still got one today. Idk what it could be. None of my other friends get this crash either.