MW2 Ads - Go Fist Yourself

I am not interested in playing or purchasing MW2. And yet, even though my default landing page is WoW, every other day I get greeted in the launcher by MW2 ads. It’s simple enough to click away from them and mentally give Activision the finger, today I hit the last straw. Next to an alert about download issues, there’s a spiky exclamation with a red indicator for an unread message. What’s this, I wonder. Another infuriating click bait ad for MW2.

Seriously. Whomever is approving this bull spit, go fist yourself. :fist_right: :ok_hand:

This is the only way I can provide feedback about the experience you’re shoving in my face, because there’s no ad preferences that I’m aware of. So, you get what you get: angry posts when you push too far.


Imagine such first world problems.

Imagine complaining about first world problems from the comfort of your home, through your hundredths of dollars worth of electronics.

Trying to play BR Warzone 2.0, when pressing start in lobby its sends me to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Nice Bug.