MW2 50GB at 1.7KB Thanks blizzard

I have a 550mb connection and your stupid app is limiting my downloads to 1KB/s…

I don’t even want to play Warzone i just want to play the game i paid for.

I work, come home to play some games and NO Blizzards servers are running slower than 1G


agreed. its insane. Warzone is awful it always has been, i want to play headquaters but first WE MUST DOWNLOAD WARZONE. crazy to think i am being forced to download a entity of the game they have classified as “seprate” yet its required to have. MAKE IT ITS OWN GAME AND WATCH IT DIE DUCK HEADS


I can’t install any game, it’s slow even when giving space to the game. I have uninstalled battlenet, and now I can’t even install it xD


What happened to preloading? I feel like everyone’s been telling me that the warzone content was already downloaded and preloaded as part of MW2, but surprise surprise when I launch battle net this evening I find I have a 50GB download to get through at 2 bytes per second.


same issue here, download peaks at 50kbps, would literally take 50 hours at this rate, i have also tried everything

Also in the same boat 1.8 mbps

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You are lucky, I haven’t been able to pass 300 kbps…

Iv found somewhat of a fix… get a VPN and set it to Los Angeles… I am now getting 25-30 MB/s compared to 200 KB/s… went from 30%-41% in 5 minutes…


Alternatively. download it on steam until the servers stop restricting download speeds! Im downloading on steam (Warzone only) and getting the full speed.


Cmon guys admit you have server issues, put a tweet or something we are getting pissed with these 100kbps when you force us to download WZ2 and we want to play MW2


Same here. 300kbps on PC and 75mbps on xbox LOL

on 1.5GB fibre download but running 512k/bps downloading Warzone2. LMFAO good old dial up days for sure…

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It’s no surprise that when you reverse lookup the ip address feeding you the download that the location comes back as this.

Country: Netherlands
State/Region: Noord-Holland
City: Amsterdam

This is where the download is coming from… I have a 400mbps connection and hitting a mere 350-600kbps speed on the download. It truely is sad that with all the technology we have now they can’t even handle distributing digital content.

If you want to know how to see where the download is coming from…

Open task manager, click on the performance tab, at the bottom… open resource monitor… Once inside resource monitor you then click the network tab and expand “network activity”

Now you should see with the “dslauncher.3ds” address. Ignore this one.

Look at all the Agent.exe addresses as they are the ones supplying you the download. If you enter the addresses on whatismyipaddress website…

It will give you all the information in regards to that specific address.

I feel all of your pain… It sucks to be in this situation and I wish there was something they could do to fix this as this is NOT the first time that Blizzard has had HORRIBLE upload speeds to us consumers.


which vpn specifically?

no progress for hours to downloaded in 2 min you saved my evening bud

franchement c’est quoi cette entreprise du numérique qui fait zero communication de jusqu’a quand sa va durer… ramasser de l’argent c’est facile mais respecter ceux pourquoi on paie ça l’est beaucoup moins sa me dégoute

same man…i can normally download 50 to 60gb in 10ish minutes but im stuck on 1kb/s…SICK.


this is the last time I buy anything from these clowns


same in europe… 1B/s… 33B/s… paid 70€ for the game and dont even had one month of fun with. expensive experience! never ever again over… next time i will throw steam the money in the throat.

this worked for me! downloading at 25 MB/s now. i use cyberghost vpn