MW Warzone server issues

Well here we are again…I’ve had one hard crash and 2 dcs in the passed couple of minutes. The last one I was in the pre game launch where we just run around shooting each other and repawning while the server fills, but after 10 minutes ( no exaggeration) it still wasn’t filling. my teammates had both left and I finally left as well to reload the game, now it says the servers are down due to temp maintenance ….what’s up Blizz?


Same here was in a 8 min que then kick out and out back in a screen saying Maintenance with another 8 mins que that is not counting down ?

I cant load into the game at all, was playing plunder everything seemed to be fine, then I was DCd and it crashed so I re loaded, now it says, ‘servers under high load, you will be put into que for x amount of minutes’ after waiting the specified time it just loops and puts me back into que for an additional amount of time… guess im gonna go play some APEX… Maybe next time Blizzard


Yeah, the servers are overloaded…doesn’t help every kid in America grade/collage are out of school and stuck at home. This is I’m sure why we’re having these issues.

People who payed for MW should have priority in the server.
If there is too much server traffic due to all the people trying to play Warzone for free, they should be the ones waiting, not the people who own the game.

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We are investigating an issue with the authentication servers at this moment for Modern Warfare. Our team is communicating and looking into the issues now.

We’ll try to update you all once we have more information. In case, I may not be able to update you all tonight, please check our Twitter for additional updates and information. Thank you for your reports, everyone!

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Just logged in and loaded into the game…musta fixed it Thx Blizz!!

Thank you for the update, Crazyhorse! Is anyone else able to login? We’ll continually monitor a bit after once we see that the issue is cleared just to make sure it’s stable again :slight_smile:

I am still unable to login to MW.

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Same here. Updated all drivers.

When I’m in lobby it still keeps updating the shaders from 100% (this takes about three minutes).

Game crashes in lobby, in any mode, and on any map within 2 to 8 minutes.

It’s just unplayable.

Well, it’s back to crashing again…I’ve loaded the game 3 times and everytime the game (warzone) starts to launch I get DCed…. What I think is probably irrelevant, but I believe they need more servers to handle the overload…that or end the free to play and let people purchase the game like the rest of us did…problem solved

Hey there Crazyhorse,

While we can definitely appreciate that this is a frustrating issue, anything about the game servers or in game connectivity isn’t something we at Blizzard have control over. We just get the game to you folks, but any suggestions or troubleshooting for that problem would be easiest to get through Activision. You’ll want to contact them about it.