MW Warzone Error Code: BLZBNTBGS7FFFFF01

Hello I sort of narrowed down this problem, Whenever I play MW Warzone while “Asia” is selected in the region/account, it always gives me this error “BLZBNTBGS7FFFFF01” (Connection to the Blizzard game server has been lost. Please exit and try again)

100% of the time but when I change it to “Americas” it works just fine I can play normally but the thing is, is that I live in Asia and ping is sort of a disadvantage for me.

Any help would be appreciated


how do I get a refund for MW…they have made it to where I cant even log into the game…lost all hope for Call Of Duty Series Ive been playing since Modern Warfare 1…sad to say they have made their own game inaccessible to people with full requirements to run their game…I would like a full refund plz


Any reply from devs? Support


Im having the exact same problem, also my app wont open…


Also having this problem when ever i try to open WarZone. MW and warzone has worked fine since release but i got this message since this morning GMT Time.


i having the exact same problem. what will we do

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same issue here, I get Something went wrong on our end

An error has occurred. This may be a temporary error, so please try again later.

Blizzard Support Home

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guys, you can start the callofduty MW warzone, by starting the game from the game file itself, the exe file not the launcher.

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but unfortunately, a message shows that server connection is lost, so wait till they fix it.


Same issue … here. First when buying the game they double charged me and rendered my bank account unusable.

Then a host of glitches … then massive updates and now this Warzone error.

Im linked to the Eurpoen region and it worked fine till today.

Im also at a point where Im gona request a refund … I like the game but theres always some problem with it.


No you cant … just tried

My wont open and it says Blizzard has gone to sleep with this error code … c4c2cd7a-2f96-40d0-9028-33297a436475

Yep same error here, reinstalled, restarted the pc, nothing…

I have same Error too

same probls here. even when starting the game without the launcher

working now. didnt change a thing. maybe they fixed it

guys calm down I found a solution, so go to your task manager , open resource monitor , in overview look for battlenet and right click, then press end tree something , then it will work


This game has turned into a joke. I’ve had these issues for going on 3 weeks now. Getting ahold of support is a joke. Haven’t been contacted back after 2 escalation tickets were issued. If this is how they want to conduct business. They just lost mine. Finally deleted the game today because NOTHING worked for me troubleshooting. Been playing since MW1 and never seemed to have any issues. But not being able to play a game that I pay for and not getting any help or at least a response noting that my issue was seen, I have given up. BNET, anything associated with Activision/Blizzard has now been removed from my PC. Good luck to you and you issues, I hope you have better experiences than I have had!


I get the same issue but on Europe… If i start through the game crashes.

I have to go in to install folder and run as Admin to get past crashing, but then i get this error message instead…

also i don’t find it anymore in blizard game library , that’s sucks. i play the exe from the folder and i get that error… how tf i can change the server location… in this conditions