MW WarZone Challenges

I am unable to get my challenge done in warzone with Rodion or Yegor where you have to purchase 2 armor bundles or hit people with vehicles. I have purchased many and the game will not recognize when I have done it handfuls of times. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. I have restarted my game, PC, redownloaded the game and have been having this problem for weeks now.

Hey OTGGoddess,

Since the CoD games are by Activision, Blizzard has no hand in them outside of installation and patching.

So for any in-game support, you’d need to contact Activision.

hey Leviathan can you please help me out with my post. I have a post called Account not Found from 3hrs ago and no one has replied. Please read it and try to understand and help me out man… ive been waiting since yesterday and no one has helped me.

Hello OTGGoddess,

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