MW Account deleted and Blizzard hasn't done anything to help

I haven’t had such a bad experience with support lines for so long. I can’t believe how clueless and unreliable Blizzard is when it comes to helping others. They probably won’t reply to this too but I just want the community to see the true colours Blizzard really is.
My MW account got deleted for, lets say, about a month and a half? I spent money on the game for multiplayer and I have almost 100+ hours played. I have never cheated or said or typed anything rude or discriminating towards others. I was always a good sport.
Then all of a sudden when it says I have logged out I log back in it says “We couldn’t find that Blizzard Account”. I was kind of confused but wasn’t that worried, my account info probably just got changed without notice.
All of a sudden when there was no email or anything from Call of Duty, Activision, or Blizzard. That’s when I realized that they deleted my account without me knowing. Incredibly confused why, I contacted Blizzard about 5 times and it has been months since and they still haven’t replyed. Good ol’ Blizzard Entertainment. I was depressed for a few weeks knowing all my work was gone and I had to make a new account to actually post this. I can’t believe this and it has been months, I still can’t believe that Blizzard decides to remove accounts without notice from the user.(If Blizzard Sees This) I hope you guys can improve your program and I really hope you can do something about this with my account also.


The only way your Battlenet account information would change is if you changed it or you were compromised. Seeing as you did not change, it, the second one is the most likely cause.

Blizzard Battlenet accounts use the email address for the account “name”, so if someone changed your email to the account (requires access to your email as well as your bnet account), then it would appear to not be found.

  1. Scan your PC for malware and virus programs.
  2. Create a new email that you use JUST for bnet, preferably one with Secondary Authentication on it so people can’t get into your email. Don’t use that, or your password, anywhere else. Other websites can get hacked and they harvest the info from it then try to get into accounts.
  3. Put in a ticket with Blizzard to report the account compromise and get the account put back on an email you control (the new one with an authenticator - Gmail offers that).
  4. Ticket link
  5. You will probably need to select the option to submit Govt ID in order to prove you are the account holder. They destroy it after verification in accordance with Federal and CA state privacy laws.

Tell them what the Bnet account original email address was, and explain what happened. They should be able to help you get your Bnet account back. If the first reply you get is not sufficient, be sure to use the “need more help” option. Be very clear to them that your new account (this one) is not the one you are trying to recover.

Edit - once you get your Bnet account with your games back, be sure to use the free Authenticator app Blizzard has so this does not happen again. Write down the Serial number and Restore code for it somewhere safe so you can always re-install it if you change phones or want it on a second device.

Yeah, no, no thanks. I’m not giving my government ID to someone I don’t even know. And you really think I trust that you guys get rid of the photo after you receive it? No thanks, is there any other way I can recover my account.

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If you had attached SMS protect (phone text service), or an Authenticator, to your account, then you could use those. Both of those allow a code to be sent to your phone directly which a hacker would not have access to hence validates the account. Otherwise, here is the list of what Blizzard will accept to verify you are the account holder

Keep in mind, violating the Personally Identifiable Information laws is a multi million dollar fine and a crime. If you do send documents, be sure you have done the malware scan on your devices before doing it, and delete anything from your device when done.

I also need to be clear - MVPs don’t work for Blizzard. We are other players who help out. I have been doing so for well over 10 years.

If you decide not to submit documents to regain access to the account that is your choice. If you ever get a Bnet account again, please avail yourself of the Free Authenticator and/or SMS protect features so hackers can’t change your email.

Knowing your email was compromised (you have to get into the current email to confirm the change) and someone has enough info about you to change your account info, is concerning and could impact other accounts you have that are a lot more important than games. Whatever you do, please ensure your PC and other accounts are secure.

its a scam blizzard have fallen for and they will lie about it you are right not to trust them as they have no integrity at all

Yup I completely agree, there is no way I’m giving away my Government ID to some program where a bunch of stuff gets taken anyway.