MULTIPLAYER: Warcraft Orcs & Humans

Hi all!

I bought W1 yesterday, so I tested the multiplayer system. It has 3 ways:
1- Modem game
2- Network game
3- Direct-Link game

I tried first Network game because my idea is play with a friend that is in other country.

When I tested it, an error appears telling me I need a IPX system. I did a fast review and I figured out that I should change the ipx=false to true in conf file, but, it didnt solve the problem. That I did then was install a dosbox software again and then copy the new installation inside “dos” folder in the warcraft installation, and then copy my conf of warcraft in the new conf file. Now the error dont appear, but I dont have any way to test a real connection because my friend doesnt have the game now, Ill gift it to them if it works.

I want to ask to Blizz support or any player that know about it. What is the better way to connect and play with friends? What I did is useful? Blizzard shouldnt give us a easy way to do it when we install the game?


Hey Celid,

Network game means a Local Area Network game (LAN). That requires the players to be on the same internal network. It won’t allow players in different locations to connect to each other through the internet.

Warcraft 1 was made long before playing with people over the internet was a thing, thus, WC1 can’t.

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Hello, ty for the answer.

I think I can simulate a lan, dont problem about that.

And what about the error I mentioned? And the necessity of install dosbox, etc?. There are a instructive to how play it using IPX in a LAN? Because it is a functionality that returns an error.

You will likely need to find an IPX Wrapper. That is a set of files that you would add to Warcraft 1’s installation folder. Just be careful where you get them (or any download) from.

As for dosbox, I’ve never played WC1 on modern systems. But I suspect it would require some kind of emulator to work.

Another option you can try is to refund WC1 to Battlenet and buy the GoG version. The GoG version will have everything needed included with the install. If you decide to buy GoG’s version, you can either download a standalone copy, or use GoG’s launcher (called Galaxy).

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I dont undersrand why in the description of the game in Blizzard store, it says that we can play multiplayer if we have to download extra software that could have viruses if I choce a bad source, so its not an official software?.

I think you could add that kind of software inside the installation, or take out the “multiplayer” functionality in the game store…

Bliz is just releasing the game “as is”, meaning, it’s in the same state it was when it was last patched years ago. They are not making any changes or updates. For updates, Bliz contracted with GoG to take care of all that.

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Ok thanks the support, Ill go for the GoG versions ir these have this other characteristics.

Have a great week

Hello Celid,
Did you manage to make the multiplayer work for WC1?
Are you using a Mac or a PC? I’m on a Mac.
I’m about to finish the campaign now, so very keen to play several multiplayer matches.
Thank you.

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