Multiplayer "poor connection/UDP"

Are these classic games on bnet capable of multiplayer or not? It seems none of them are working regardless of ports forwarded, etc.

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Hey VanillaCoke,

Just to clarify, this is a generic discussion forum. No Tech Support Agents man this forum.

If you’re having technical issues with Warcraft 1 or 2, you’ll want to either

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To anyone who comes through here:

chayliss is incorrect. The WC2 version that is being sold by Bliz (and GoG) DOES have multiplayer on Battlenet and DOES have a Gateway to play on.

ok i wont advertise anymore.
however i do have the interest of solving connectivity issues etc… for the love of the game.
chayliss here btw obviously.
btw i did purchase gog years back. and if i had 15 bucks id bought the war2 off of the launcher too (hoping it wasnt just the gog version which is lacking in many ways)sad to hear its just gog byway of the blizz launcher)

i have since run into 3 or 4 users who are connected from the blizz launcher
all of which having issues joining/hosting games.

i was unable to connect also
i have opened and forwarded 6112(then able to log in)but host/join game button is greyed out
(below is part of a story of how my port 6112 was unuseable(which if is true for gog it is a fatal issue where we had the ability to work around it)
on the alternative the graphical issue are resolved and the greyed out host/join is now usable but i have the plug icon in the lobby and get latency message when trying to join and others get that when trying to join me.

tbh esp after layoffs what does blizz have as far as employees in general avaible to work on war2, let alone knowledge of this old system =]
dont censor me bro, just tryna help people play warcraft 2
also i have contact with several experienced knowledgeable people who can/has figure this stuff out.
also it HAS been confirmed that from the installer there is not a gateway listed “they forgot to add the global server to the registary”
i am not incorrect thanks.
guys arent gonna beat thier head into the fourm for long before giving up.
i also have a small suspision that the gateway was lowkey added to the installer after our previous back and forths =] seeing as it wasnt untill my post deleted and i got banned for a month that i finally saw anyone on the blizz/gog server, just sayin =]

very unique issue i had!!!
i had a problem where i couldnt use port 6112, fortunately we had the option of using a custom port to solve my issue. unfortunalely with blizz/gog that is not an option.
without some debugging and stuff we are unsure why some of us cannot use port 6112 (opening forwarding etc… does not resolve the issue)
i was able to use that port then it stopped working, after we resolved the issue i remembered that a buddy wanted to play war3 reforged, so installing that was all that was changed on the system when my port 6112 stopped working (idk if that was the actual reason or not)

ill decline to just straight post one guys information update as it does mention keywords that got me banned for advertising, not to mention interesting cdkey detail.
friend or foe, you pick =]
gl hf
lets figure this thing out. got anything to share? =]

That’s likely the port forwarding issue. Like the error message says, you can connect to Battlenet, but only to chat; no games can be created or joined.

There’s plenty of people who can connect, create and join, including me. So the system does work. This points to the individual system environments of those who are having issues. If you can’t use 6112, that’s something unique your system.

It’s 6112 to 6119 forwarded to the gaming computer’s IP.

Some things to know are 1) since it’s only one IP, this can only be done on one computer at a time. It won’t work for all computers on the network. And 2) if your devices are set to DHCP, when devices are turned on and off, their IPs could change. Meaning, if your gaming computer’s IP changes, the game will stop working on it.

I just installed WC3R to test this. Nothing changed with D1 or Wc2. It did not affect the port forwarding.

Not every Bliz employee was laid off. In fact, most weren’t. The layoffs were across all of ATVI and XBOX, not just Bliz.

Bliz is working on the issue with the classic games, however, they’ve only indicated so far that they are working on the update loop issue.

I saw and took the screenshots of the Global gateway before we started talking.

Then cease the spamming of private servers and misinformation.

MVP’s don’t have moderation powers, so I did nether one. Bliz did both of those.