Move to D4 general, cant post cause of refund the game

title: My opinion after playing the game for 2 days
So i just want to leave my opinion for the dev-s of Diablo 4 here.
Now the reason i refunded the game is simply because Diablo 2 is better, there is no reason for me to return for a worse game. here is a small comparison.
Diablo 2 has 8 player party vs 4,
Diablo 2 lets you become Hostile against a player, why can’t you just go hostile on players on map and pvp them? why a special area for d4
Diablo 2 u can put points in STATS, D4 removed that part of build and just get’s you limited to standard.
D2 u can put 20 points in skills , d4 u can put only 5 points and a few tweaks
D4 dungeons are repetitive and liniar. the only good thing about d4 is the open world aspect so far.
it just feels like D4 is a copy of D3 with a few d1 and d2 ideeas but not enough. If you want to win you have to copy diablo 2 mechanics, mathematics for damage/defence/magic etc and just add new stuff.

Sounds like you should just play Diablo 2 if you want Diablo 2.

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