Mouse and Keyboard no longer working Diablo 4 | 1.1.4

For some reason, since the update to 1.1.4 (Current version is I am unable to use both a keyboard or mouse at all when loading Diablo 4. My mouse and keyboard worked fine in 1.1.3 and earlier, so something changed in the new version that has screwed things up. I’m on PC, NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti, Corsair Ironclaw RGB mouse, and Redragon keyboard (all drivers up to date). My mouse and keyboard are working perfectly fine everywhere else and in other games, it’s only Diablo 4 giving me a hard time. In fact, if I alt+tab to a different window my mouse and keyboard work fine even with Diablo 4 running in the background. What happened in 1.1.4?!?

This forum is for reporting bugs in the Desktop App, i.e. the Battlenet Launcher.

A Google search for diablo iv forums gives this as the first returned link…