Modernizing older games

I always expected these to be made into modifications for later games such as Warcraft 3, or Diablo 3/4, but with Diablo 2 Resurrected a success, and WoW classic working well for Blizzard as well, it has returned to my mind that I would love to play the initiating games in all of these series with the same integrity and quality as their later iterations, and I have been genuinely curious why this hasn’t been done yet, for games such as Warcraft, Warcraft II, and Diablo 1, when it has been a smashing success every time that Blizzard has done so previously; D2R & WoW classic for instance were incredible successes, and I would love to jump back into the initiation of these series, much like what was done for Diablo 2, only even earlier, with Warcraft 1 and Diablo 1 being made with the same quality as their later iterations.
Moving on, for instance you could create templates for games, and then create a way to convert these templates into more modern versions, such that it wouldn’t even take much effort, but could instead become a cash cow. :slight_smile: