Modern Warfare Update Failure

Error code BLZBNTAGT0000096A. My game worked fine until the update. Now its in a constant scan ,repair , failure and error loop. I have uninstalled everything and tried downloading over and over again. Nice update smh…now i cant play the only game i enjoy playing.

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I’m having the exact same issue.

Update failed on me the night before yesterday, and got stuck in the Scan & Repair loop. I ran the scan a few times before searching online. Apparently if you delete the *IDX files in your Data folder it will get you out of the loop BUT the update will literally just start from the beginning again. My last update was 4GB away from being done after I left it going all night and then plugged in my Mobile Data to hurry it along this morning… and it went back into the Scan & Repair. Now it’s started from the beginning again. I’m really close to blowing through my high-speed internet budget… It’s ridiculous. I’ve tried clearing Battle.Net cache as well. This next try to download will be my last one before I give up. I only wanted to login and buy the Ghost operator anyway…

i want my money back for thiss game hass been nothing but trouble fix your stuff

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I finally got mine to work… checked event viewer and the hard-drive I had the game saved on had errors. Ran a chkdsk repair and it fixed a few bad clusters. Some of my MW2019 files were in a bad cluster. Reran the update and it’s completed.

This is for PC. Not sure if it applies to everyone but worth a shot.

Modern Warfare keeps crashing every time I load it up. It did this once before and suddenly started working again. This seems to be a PC issue because console users don’t seem to have the same issue.

OK, this is really getting out of hand. If it was a free to play game I would have no right to gripe. But I purchased the operator version of this game and 2 season passes thus far. I would like to be able to play the damn game. Among the many errors I have had to deal with this game since the second it was dl,d and installed now I cannot even make it to the menu, error 5624 now.

Just some info so you know what I am playing on.

motherboard=Asrock x570 Taichi
cpu=Ryzen 5 3600x (watercooled)
ram=32 gb ddr4 @3.8ghz (corsair vengeance pro rgb)
gpu=Saphire nitro+ rx 5700xt

the game is loaded on an western digital black sn750 m.2 ssd. I have a slew of modern day titles all of which have zero issues. I run this game to a 31.5 1440p 144hz 1ms monitor. I have cleaned, reinstalled windows, gpu drivers. battlenet and cod. This game has always been a real pain in , right. But i could get it to be playable but after this last season 2 update I cannot play at all. Cmon guys I spent a bit of money on this game when am I going to be able to actually play it.

Oh ya and most importantly, I want to be able to play it before the next COD comes out.