Modern Warfare Update - cycling to Select Loadout Menu

The update pushed out within the last day or so to Modern Warfare multiplayer is causing:

  1. Lag (stuttering) during gameplay.
  2. Random opening of the “Select Loadout” menu during gameplay, at 5-10 second intervals. If you choose your loadout, gameplay resumes until it pops the menu open again. It seems totally random, not tied to any keystoke or event.

Same here. Cant seem to get help with this. Started after the new update. Makes it hard to play the game


Same here i m pc player.

Same problem here, must be us 4 in the world right?

Nope me to i have both issues. The micro stutters were caused by Steam witz some helper thing in the backround, look it up in taskmanager. Terminate the steam task helped me. But the loadout menu bug is annoying and makes the game unplayable. I first thought that it was some hacker who did this. I have seen many camo hackers lately who run around with Black Ops camos.

Same game is unplayable atm.

Same thing is happening with mine…pc

Same on PC, F K!!!

Same here on PC, lags and the weapon selection screen that appears regularly, the game is unstable and I can’t play anymore
What’s wrong with the update ???

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Me too. Always lag////////////

same they really want us to buy vanguard


Same issues here… Impossible to play

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Here’s a video I took of the issue happening.

I’ve tried rebooting, uninstalling and reinstalling, different keyboard and mouse, and binding ADS and loadout menu to different keys to no avail.

Thank goodness! I thought I was the only one because of this new PC and Windows 11 has been a nightmare. I am experiencing lag/stuttering along with random ‘select loadout’ screen popping up during gameplay.

When the window stops popping up, you can feel some stuttering/lag…

The solution from Activision seems to be “Buy Vanguard!!!”

Same here (random menu loadout and ADS) on Windows 10. It’s started yesterday after the Pacific update.

Same issue here. The game is unplayable. Started after the download on 12/7/2021. Playing on PC. Looks like most if not all in the thread are playing on PC.

I’m on ps5 and I’m getting the same issue. I swear with each update, the game gets more bugged. I guess I’ll have to yield to their greedy guerilla tactics and buy vanguard of I wanna jam multiplayer.

There has been a big update on PC, now we can play but there is still a problem.

During a game at the end that we win or lose, if we want to see our weapons and change something (same others menu), we can’t because the menu isn’t visible to the left part !!!

The menu’s are normal if we just start the game or if we quit the game otherwise it’s invisible !

We can’t see friends connected
All developpers are in holidays or what ?

I found : if we show friends offline we can see them online and then invite (lol)