Modern Warfare Issues

Not sure if this is the forum for Modern Warfare but the game not run properly. Start thee game from desktop application and the game runs about 15 seconds before closing without any errors. This game has not worked since I purchased it. Very frustrating, considering the my setup isn’t old and has no problems running BF4 & BFV etc.
Hardware is Windows 10 Pro, GeForce RTX 2080, Intel i7-8700K CPU.
Have tried all the fixes that I could find and none of them work. Has anyone had similar issues and a fix?

For the Activision games, you can go straight to the Support site and choose a category there. Depending on what the issue is, you’ll either be directed to Bliz’s support or to Activision’s. For crashes and in-game issues, you’ll be directed to Activision for support.

To save you the clicks, here is the link that you will be directed to:

He was trying to reach the player community perhaps.

Sometimes it takes a load of time to get a response from online support services if not at all.

I want to respond as a beta tester myself: I had similar issue when I tried to launch the game. It was enought for me and thats why I didnt buy the actual game, I had same os win10pro.

I think I also left feedback on the forums or somewhere but nobody seemed to fix it.