Modern Warfare III Beta Download Issue

Recently purchased Standard Edition of MW3 but can’t find how to download the Beta. Can anyone help?


Ihave a same problem.I bought it , but the game is not in my list.


redeemed a code i got for the beta and i cant download either

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Figured it out. Go to the shop and install Call of Duty and select MW3 open beta.


thank you! yea when you click install it will give you the option to select mw3 beta

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I have the same problem as the OP. I don’t see anything in shop except the ability to upgrade to the vault. Isn’t the beta happening today? That’s the whole reason that I pre-purchased; and I’m thinking it’s only for 2 day…

Same issue here and Blizzard has not responded to my ticket yet. Another Blizzard fail.

I can see that but when I chose to install the MW3 beta it won’t install.

ask for refund and buy on steam. Im beginning to think this app is a scam. they just take money and give busted hardly playable games