Modern warfare 3

i bought modern warfare 3 and it says its in my library but i cant install it wtf is dis

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You aren’t the only one, I’m having that same issue! I bought the game, I got a receipt through my email, and if i go to my blizzard account it shows i purchased it and the payment is complete. The game is not showing up in my list of purchases games and it’s not in my library on, but if I go to the store it says the game is my library. I’ve gone through three tickets so far. The first response told me to delete all my files, that didn’t help. I have uninstalled the app and that didn’t help. I’ve cleared caches with no help. This morning I woke up to a email from blizzard saying if I wanna play the game I have to go to my library and press the install button and I’ll be able to play the game. I’ve never been so pissed off at a game company, I pretty sure I’ve been scammed. I just don’t know if I need to go to the law about this or Activision cause they own modern warfare.

Hey Folks,

MW3 (and MW2) is under the “Call of Duty” icon in the launcher.

See here for details:

I am still having this issue. Under modify install I can untick to remove…
But its not installed and able to play