Modern Warfare 2 permanent ban

Ya thats what I thought too until yesterday. You can think what you want though, I know that I didn’t cheat. No way would I ever risk losing $75 or the thousands I have spent over the years on other blizzard/cod titles.

Yeah I just dont know. Im 20+ years of gaming and thousands spent. I have never encountered a false ban or anything. I would be super frustrated. It wouldnt make any sense. I got a temp ban once in my 20 years lolol, and it was a server mod that I was being toxic to lol.

I mean Ive never questioned why something has happened to me . I know what I did/do.

Yeah it is super frustrated and doesn’t make sense, the worst part is people like you that are casting doubt. I know exactly what I do and I do not cheat. Others and myself were false banned and Activision + Blizzard aren’t doing or saying anything about it. I’ve gone through every option I can, Twitter, Reddit, bnet forums, bnet ticket, activision ticket. I have tried dm’ing a activision CM on discord, I have emailed a few news outlets. Sure I could easily chargeback but once again I dont want to lose my battlenet account. I am also 20+ years gaming and this is the first time this type of thing has ever happened to me.

Yes the thousands of people stating they have been wrongfully banned are lying.

A quick google search will show you that you are mistaken

got my e-mail from activision saying ban is staying. tell me how i cheated on MW2 without ever playing a match? just downloaded and installed warzone. played a match no problems. If i am running cheating software would warzone catch it also ? Also never got a email saying i was banned till i reached out to them after app says i was banned. called credit card to dispute charge hopefully i get my money back. BUT I STILL wanna play :(. can always make another account and buy game again but dont want it to happen again.

Has anyone ever set up Fallout 4 Enhanced Edition?

also me, same response and cant even play warzone 2 for what it looks, I played warzone for hundreds of hours and now it is the end? I did not like mw2 at all, played beta, two matches and insta ban for no reason like you all, now I also can’t play warzone? seriously, fix this.

You never believe false bans till it happens to you. I promise you good people are getting falsely banned. when and if it happens to you, I really hope you reflect on this conversation.