Modern Warfare 2 permanent ban

I have been banned from modern warfare 2 after 2 days of playing the campaign. I have submitted a ticket with blizzard and Activision. Activision has responded saying I was found to be using game altering software which I most definitely was not. Who cheats in a campaign?!? They also stated that the permanent ban will not be overturned and the ticket was closed. I am no longer able to even submit tickets regarding this issue through Activision. WHAT A FREAKING SCAM. I WILL BE GETTING MY MONEY BACK ONE WAY OR ANOTHER I GUARANTEE THAT!


I had the same happen to me. And it’s happening to a bunch of users on twitter. But listen to me they aren’t going to appeal your ban. They’ll probably fix this issue later on but try getting a refund asap.

I know they wont fix the issue. They already responded with what I am assuming is an automated message stating the ban will not be lifted due to me using malicious game altering software which I was not. They also wont tell you what software is causing the issue for their anti cheats privacy. Seriously so mad. This company is a freaking joke. They don’t care about their customers all they want is money. They won’t be getting mine. I will dispute the charges through my bank!

It’s definitely an automated response. I got the same one when I tried to appeal. Unless more people experience the issue then it will be solved.

Thats my issue. A ton of people are experiencing this and they aren’t addressing it. THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THEM!

Same here. Got a ban in the middle of the campaign only part pre-launch. I appealed it and they confirmed it’s a permanent ban. No cheats on my PC. And I’ve never even owned a CoD before, so it’s not like I cheated on an old CoD. Now I miss out on playing with all my friends that purchased this game and are going to be playing it for a while.

It’s really frustrating. They wont do anything to help. From what I’m seeing they are like a month behind on their support tickets so you’ll be waiting a while. Terrible customer service and spotty games…I hope that people will stop supporting such a terrible company.

I would advise you speak to your bank about disputing the charge. Unfortunately I don’t know if they will be able to authorize a dispute since it wasn’t purchased under fraudulent pretenses but it is worth a shot. I’m not gonna be scammed out of 75 dollars for 2 hours of playtime and a wrongful ban!

I am having this same issue!!! and still no word from bnet or activision. I paid 75dollars after tax , and played 4-5 matches then bam permanently banned. I do not cheat. Im so mad

Join the club. They need to address the issue at the very least. They don’t care!

I’m going through the same issue. I didn’t even play a single multiplayer game. My advice would be to contact your financial institution and report the transaction for the game as fraudulent. File a police report for fraud, and report Activision/Blizzard to the better business bureau

i bought the game yesterday installed it. went to play today and perm banned also…

waiting to hear back…

Legit software victim

I just got an Email from activision stating the following

" Your appeal has been reviewed and we’ve confirmed with our security team that your account has been permanently banned for using unauthorized software and manipulation of game data. As you were the account holder at the time of infraction, your ban will not be overturned.

To preserve the integrity of our security systems and detection methods, this is the only information our policy allows us to share regarding your case. This decision is final and your case is now closed. In case you are currently playing any other Activision titles and for future reference, please avoid any of these types of violations to keep your account in good standing."

I have reported the transaction to my credit card company as fraudulent and will be filing a police report in the morning. This is certainly theft

If you are from the USA, I recommend submitting a complaint to California’s Attorney General as they will contact Activision about your ban. Just google their website to submit the issue.

I got that same exact copy paste response. I don’t cheat, I know many others do not cheat. I mean come on man, the damn game is $75 I know I can’t risk losing that or even think about it. I never even knew false bans were a thing before this happened to me. Not only am I pissed but I just feel awful for everyone else thats also going through this. It is THEFT and no one is helping us

20+ years of online games and thousands spent. Never attempted to cheat or try wierd stuff to get ahead. I have never been banned ever, in any way, not even a temp ban.

Cheating in the past can bite you in the future,

I find it hard to fathom you can just be banned without notice or without a full legitimate explanation. I just don’t believe the majority of these posts. I feel the majority are just plain straight-up lying.

Please tell me why I would risk my one and only battlenet account that I have had ever since it was a thing(I can’t recall when) my first blizzard game was brood war, warcraft 2, then I played wc3, diablo, wow and all its expacs, my longest friend is my brother and its showing as 12 years…so tell me why I would risk that? Come on, use your brain

My brain says you dont get banned for doing no wrong.