Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remaster (2020) PC CRASH/RESTART

My game is causing my PC to go to a black screen and shut down and reset. It happens within the first 30 seconds of getting into the first mission. This is the only game that does this with, I’m not sure why its doing it. I had recently played the Call of Duty 4 Campaign Remaster and it did the same thing with that game but just less frequently. So it has to be the games engine or something. But these are the only two games that seem to do this to my pc. My event viewer says that its was a critical error (Kernel Error 41). If anyone has had this problem and knows whats going on I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you!


There is some basic troubleshooting that you can attempt here:

If you’ve already tried that or if the issue is not solved, you will need to contact Activision Support at .

Blizzard does not have support for Activision’s CoD games, except for purchasing and installation. For more details, see : Having Problems with Call of Duty? Read this first!

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