Mobile Phone Verification codes showing as incorrect

So I have recentlly tried to set up a Blizzard account. I have successfully verified my email and phone number. I have downloaded the Blizzard Authenticator and logged in.
The app then launches a Security Check and sends a code to my number. The code is sent via SMS successfully to my phone. I enter the code correctly and checked it before submitting. It claims the code is incorrect. After attempting to enter the code several times it locks my account for suspicious activity. I have then selected resend code but got the same problem with the new code each time.
It will no longer let me resend code stating “too many attempts. please wait or contact customer support”.
I have waited 13 hours with no change and the “contact customer support” link in the app just throws up "Error… an unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.

To be clear I can’t play the game I want to play using your service without first downloading and completing authenticator setup. Could you please resolve this problem?