Mobile authenticator issues & copy paste support answers

Buddy bought me a copy of diablo4 last weekend, but since I haven’t used by BNET account since diablo 3 (2014) which was 3 phones ago, I obviously do not have the authenticator app active. Figured it’d be a quick and painless process to get this reset.

First of all you end up in a loop when trying to log a support request where it keeps asking you to log into your account and confirm your identity with the authenticator. To remove the authenticator (which is what seemingly needs to occur here to fix my issue) you have to authenticate… with the authenticator. Defies common sense.

Anyway, after 3 or 4 loops of this, I found a way to log a support ticket without logging in. Which is great, except you don’t know if it is being worked on. after no reply or confirmation email after 8 hours, i logged another, then a 3rd. I finally receive a “your ticket has been received” email reply after logging the 3rd ticket (still no reply to the initial one), then another to the 2nd ticket logged, all at once. they were both pretty much copy-pasted content, but the questions asked are impossible to answer on things that happened 10-15 years ago. can’t you just ask for my ID? I dont know what i set as a security question in 2002 when i set up this account. I haven had CD keys for 10 years. I dont know what a “BattleTag” is and as far as I know i’ve only ever had one username.

Anyways, silly question aside, I answered them as best as I could, then…radio silence. As I cannot see my tickets (since I can’t login) I decided to make this temp account so i can log a ticket and see actual ticket replies. After logging a ticket explaining all this, I get the same copy-paste reply as per the original ticket on my main account. seems clear to me these tickets do not get read properly. Live Support also always says it’s unavailable (even during the correct time bracket and timezone).

anyway - I have no other means to provide feedback on this terrible process. Why is there no better self-help service for authenticator issues. has any support person actually put themselves into a user’s shoes to see how weird the process flow is. I just wanted to play a game with a friend over the weekend, which is turning into a timewasting 3 day (so far) saga of dealing with clunky support. I’m just going to advise my friend to see if he can get a refund on his diablo4 gift copy because this just isn’t fun.