Mobile app not working

few days ago while using the mobile app I noticed that it would be slow to load even at home with a steady internet connection. when it would load it would only display 1 to 2 people from my list at at time and if i tried to search other friends on list it would like they weren’t there. also my chats wont show up either

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I’ve been having the same issues. Tried logging out and logging back in. I’ll try uninstalling the app then trying again.

update to help figure narrow things down. this is on a galaxy J7 model number SM-J727V os verison android 8.1.0


Thank you both for the bug report. Apologies for any difficulties this may have caused. We will investigate the issue.


It seems to have decided to work properly today. Showing all friends online and off and starting up quickly. I say this cautiously because did this early last week and last only a day . Not sure why its working didnt try anything differently but right now happy it is


Happy to hear that it is working again. Please reach out on this thread if the issue re-occurs.


If I may add to this, I have 2 accounts to my name , for some reason this bug is consistent only with one of them !!

Hello. My Blizzard mobile phone app has not been working for several months now.
The first month I had issues, it started with it being laggy. Not loading complete friends list, not showing messages I receive (but am able to still send messages). Then it progressed to me not being able to log in, always saying I’m in a long queue and never logging me in. It’s been months now, and I still can’t use this messaging app anymore.
I can log in now, but it will not show my friends list or messages. I’ve worked with Blizzard support many times to fix it, but nothing works. They’ve reset my Account Data on their side, and nothing changes. I’ve logged in and out, uninstalled the app, changed my password. Nothing works. I know it has nothing to do with my phone either, because I still have the issue when I log into my friend’s phone and my boyfriend’s phone (both different types of phone than mine). The last gm I spoke to mentioned that I could be logging into the wrong region, but I am definitely logging into the American region. I’ve tried logging into the EU region, and then logging out and back into the NA region. The EU one functions normally, and I’m able to see my EU friends. My NA one is still broken. I miss being able to use the app to message friends and stay connected. Please, if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.