Mobile app does not have chat rooms available on request

Does not have functionality to have users chat with one another in chat rooms as in the games or find potential friends through using the chat rooms. I need to discuss Blizzard disability configurations for disabled users of blizzard products, but I have no means through battle net to do so. As a disabled gamer, it is really hard to use the internet to search for a means of communication, so I would rather use an app, a logical interface for someone to use when easily communicating with others like messenger or Skype. Nonetheless, the absence of chat featheur such as chat roulette where someone is able to chat with random blizzard gamers is hard to brook, when I need to chat with people about issues at the drop of a hat. Please add a chat roulette style chat feature to all battle net apps, so that we can chat with people all over the world in our desire to discuss issues of importance to gamer readiness in Blizzard games.

If you would like to provide feedback regarding accessibility options Blizzard has a dedicated team for that. While they do not engage in one on one chats, there is an email for you, or others with accessibility concerns, to send feedback to.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzards staff. MVPs do not represent, or speak for, Blizzard.

Disabled gamers have difficulty with understanding rules as per the introduction thereof. Not walking the player through all scenarios leads to consternation and an inability to make decisions other than by assuming rules to exist which do not. For instance, in Hearthstone the game does not explain what to do in the instance of a wind fury. It does not explain that clicking on the mobile app card will cause a click and a return of information. This is a rule that cannot be assumed. Because when the rule is not for you to assume that I know what I am doing. You cannot assume that. You must make allowances for people who do not allow themselves to make mistakes because they assume that this is a perfect world.