Mobile almost unusable

Hi, it’s been a month or more that the app is being highly unusable.

  1. the error “si è verificato un errore irreversibile” is incredibly frequent. Either you try to check the mission tables for previous expansions (still needed for the class hall for example), or just checking the guild chat. It’s just awful.
    When it happens it shows my account and a null#null. No idea if it is related, but it is a weird behaviour
  2. the guild chat doesn’t load correctly most of the time. Related to 1) but when it didn’t go in error, sometimes you just don’t see the guild chat for a while for some reason
  3. mission tables don’t always show the missions. This also happened often, probably related to 1). I usually try to the heroes of the mission tables to make them reappear.

Are these errors known at this point? Are the fixes in progress or at least in backlog?