Missing my characters

Now I am missing my characters as usual. Is this daily events?


the same thing I was playing and the game crashed… like normal… I log back in and all characters are gone…

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same here. will they come back? :fearful:

Same. Couldn’t identify an item. Went to Cain. Cain went “bluh?” and then the game crashed. Next thing you know, all my online characters are MIA. Thanks, Blizzard. Premium game.

No, i cant connect the u.s. server yet… So sad ♬

Hi Blizzard, my characters have gone missing, can you solve it?

They have gone missing since last Saturday…
Until today I login again and my characteres are still missing

Same boat as you guys. Solo online play, went to talk to decard, game froze in the exchange, saw my character screen and all my characters, but couldn’t play(they didn’t exist on the server), logged out and back on to find ALL character were gone… first problem I’ve had like this.

US server

good time for me to log on and reset timers on those ogD2 toons

edit-waking up and logging in at 11pm my characters are there and server connections are back also

Yeah, I havent played in about a week, and just signed on to missing characters. I have no doubt they solve it in due time and deliver a phenomenal game as they’ve always do, mostly. So far, the game is fantastic! Loving it!

The developers nailed it :smiley: now just to work out the kinks, thanks Blizzard for another great game, looking forward to a hasty resolution!

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Yep, im in the same boat as you… my only sorc level 87 went POOF . I agreed with your candid feedback as well. Hoping to see a resolution!

Don’t forget to leave a very bad review of 0/10 on metacritic.
The page is called: Diablo II: Resurrected for PC Reviews (on metacritic)
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