Missing friends

Lost a couple of friend on my friend list (actually I don’t know if more). They see me in their friend list, so we weren’t removed, but I don’t see them. I tried everything the GMs told me to do, deleted cache, reinstalled the app, even change the account password. Finally they told me they’ve received similar reports but they can’t access people friends lists so better was to submit a ticket here.

I don’t know if this is the correct category, because I don’t see them in the app nor in the games, but I don’t see a category to put this topic on.
Thanks for your attention.


Same for me, however, I can see none of them…Did you find any fix?

I have the same problem the real friends of my list disappeared, they only appear in WOW but not in the other games and they can see me and talk to me but not me, even after doing everything they have to me ask on their debug list, please someone could take a look at this thanks in advance.

I tried to connect to the pc of a friend of mine to find out if it was my pc that had a problem and the friends still do not appear even on his pc so if there is a solution I would like to know her.

Howdy Teliak,

This could happen if you are logging into a different region in the Blizzard app. For example, if you have friends on the US WoW client they won’t show up if you log into the EU region of the Blizzard app. You would only see friends you added through the EU region. In this case, try swapping to another region when you first log into the Blizzard app.

Hello Zenlaka,

I just wanted to ask if this issue is on your end’s radar? I have tried all the troubleshooting and nothing is working.

All my friends can see me but I can’t see them or add them. My friend list is “empty” and I cannot find any thread talking about this or gaining traction. I can bet that I am not the only one affected, however, is lost all my friends despite others that only lost a few.

Please, let me know any news. It has been like this for like 4 weeks now.

I tried what you asked in this message and it doesn’t work either, I went through the whole list twice, uninstalled twice as well, on the european region the friends I have that have disappeared have been appearing offline for years and when I go back to the american region they are no longer there, I don’t know what to do!

Howdy y’all,

To clarify, friends added to the EU region will not show up on the US region unless you added them to the US region specifically. This means you would need to be logged in to the Blizzard app through the US region and send or accept a friend request while in the US region.

There was a bug last month that was affecting how friends were displayed but this was fixed last month and shouldn’t be causing an issue now. If you added your friends to one region and that region is blank, then I would recommend a clean reinstall of the Blizzard app:

  1. Uninstall the Blizzard app
  2. Next open the temp locations and delete any Battlenet and Blizzard folders you see in each location. Press Windows Key + R and type:
    • %APPDATA%
    • %TEMP%
  3. Finally go ahead and reinstall the app from here. Make sure you run as Admin.

Hello Zenlaka,

In my case, I have been always and for years into Americas Server, however, a few weeks ago when I made my ticket -and out of the blue-, all my friends were gone. I have tried all the troubleshooting steps advised by CS with no results. Even in my phone app, no friends appear there either.

It doesn’t let me add my friends again, they can see me but I can’t see them. I only have the chat records and I am able to chat if they write me first despite my friend’s list is empty.

As mentioned before I have reinstalled several times following the steps and no results.

Howdy Irehok,

In this case, I’d suggest creating a support ticket so that your specific account can be investigated further. That’s not something we can do over the forums. In the mean time, you could try resetting the password or temporarily changing the email. This will force the server to update the cached information and can sometimes help clear up weird account issues.

Tyr’s initial query was not answered, and I have the same issue.

My friends list is missing friends. There are at least 3 friends that I know should be on my friends list but are not. Not in game and not on the battle.net app. If I try to add them as friends I get a toast notification that says “Whoops, that person is already your friend!” However, they are plainly not on my list. These friends can see me on their friend list, but I cannot see them. Very, very frustrating.

It is NOT a region issue. As I said they can see me on their friends list, and some backend database knows we are friends and wont let me re-add them. I simply cannot see them on my friends list. I can see tens of other friends, just not these specific three (There might be more that I am unaware of).

I have reinstalled the app. I have deleted all the caches. I have reset my password. I have tried these solutions twice over.

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Hello Zenlaka, I can see that I have the same problem as Patrol and Tyr but with all my friends list.

I made a ticket and CS told me to go to the forums “because they can’t check my friend’s list or check further” and to try to gain traction on the matter …

I don’t know what to do now… I have also changed the password when I was making the troubleshooting with no results… nothing seems to work by now…

Hello Zenlaka,

I still have this issue. Please let us know any comments.

i am in the americas server and my friends list is empty

I wanted to let people know that my problem solved itself after a month and a half, I know it’s not an effective tip but I wanted people to know that it can solve itself it can just take a long time. Thanks for the advice though. Good luck to all!

I’m having the exact same issue as this on the European servers. Just over a month ago I noticed I was missing 11 people from my friends list, and if I attempted to readd them, it stated that I was already friends with them.

Apparently I was missing for one of my friends as well, and when I messaged them my message appeared without a name within WoW.

Well, it would be nice to know if CS has this issue on their radar at least, there has been no news and my friend’s list is still empty. Reason enough that keeps me away from paying more money to them with any other game

Hobbyboy - my issue exactly. Blizzard support is - frankly - pathetic. Tried to open tickets, same generic response about missing friends lists. I’ve tried all those solutions already, but my ENTIRE friends list ISN’T missing. Just SOME friends. Don’t matter how clearly I try to spell that out I get the same generic catch all replies. I’ve given up and just alerted the people that I know are missing. There may be others missing and I’m unaware. extremely frustrating.

Just as a final follow up to this, in case anyone is tearing their hair out going through the same frustrations:

If you can work out which friends are missing and have an alternate way to contact them (as you are unable to message them via battle.net), you can have them unfriend you (as you still appear on their friends list) and then re-add you. This solves the problem and they will once again be visible to you.

You can’t do this yourself of course, because you can’t remove someone that doesn’t appear, and if you try to simply add them yourself, you get the “that person is already your friend!” error.

Hope this helps someone as the Blizzard ticket support system was, I’m sorry to say, beyond useless in resolving this issue.