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[Sorry for initially posting this in the wrong forums—I didn’t see this Mac-specific one earlier.]

I plan to install an older version of macOS on a new hard drive. May I know what the minimum system requirements are for the Desktop App for Mac, specifically in terms of macOS version?

I see system requirements for the individual games, but I don’t see the requirements for the client app itself.

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7-29-2020 at 9:31 AM - PDT

Blizzard ONLY supports the THREE most current MacOS Systems. So, at present, High Sierra, Mojave, and Catalina are the CURRENT MacOS Systems that are supported by Blizzard.

I would, therefore, NOT recommend installing an older OS - because MOST LIKELY the Game WON’T Launch!

As to Hardware, yes, Blizzard DOES have a Minimum set of requirements. I’m sure a Blue will come around eventually to Post a Link to get you to the Page that has both Windows and Mac Minimum and Recommended System Specs for the Blizzard Games.

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[EDIT:] Also, Big Sur, (MacOS Ver. 11), is due to release in September. This puts pressure on the life expectancy of High Sierra. I expect by June next year that High Sierra will be EOL by Blizzard.

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Hello, TimeLord04!

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I understand the risks and will take them into account. As it is, I’m already on a machine that’s not currently listed to be compatible with Big Sur. [Though I am hopeful that Apple will sneak compatibility for this machine in when Big Sur goes live, like what they did for Mojave.]


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This isn’t quite accurate so I wanted to clarify things here. We actually support 10.11.X / 10.12.X for some of our games still (Examples - Diablo III / Starcraft II). We ensure that the app still works on any OS that we still support for a game which requires the app. If it fails to operate on an operating system that the game you’re trying to play supports, that’s something we’d need to troubleshoot or look into.

Since the system requirements of the game you are trying to play are more relevant to how well our software will play with your machine, we recommend using those as your baseline. Just look up the requirements for each of the games you intend to play on that machine, and ensure you’re installing a compatible OS.