Mic not working in blizzard app and games

I just bought a corsair HS35 headset because I wanted to be able to hop in voice chat for the games. However, it is not working. I have a M2 Macmini 2023 venture. It works in firefox as I can run a successful mic check in discord. I can answer phone calls from using it and the other person can hear me. I even plugged my headset into my old macbook pro and the Blizzard app can detect it there and I can run a mic check that works. It only doesn’t work in the blizzard app on my mac mini When I run a mic check it’s just silence (And yes it’s not muted and just to be safe I cycled through all the different microphone options). Any help would be appreciated. I have no idea why the one app I want it to work on it the one I it doesn’t work on. (It also doesn’t show up under microphone in the settings. Only firefox shows up there and there doesn’t seem to be a way to promp the app to ask to use your mic)

Hey there,

So MacOs has per app permissions for access to devices like the microphone.

What should happen when you launch an app for the first time is a popup that appears requesting access to use the microphone. If this gets denied, you would normally have to manually add the app to the Privacy and Security Microphone section. (There should be a + sign you can click to add an app.

If you do not see this plus sign then it means the system is restricting the ability to allow apps to use the microphone. You can check this under

Settings > General > Restrictions > Microphone

If it is set to do not allow changes, change it to allow changes and then see if you can add the app to the privacy list as normal.

Beyond that the next recommendation would be to create and test a new Admin account on the Mac and see if you can then launch/approve or manually add the app to the allow mic access list.

Thank you for your reply, however none of those work, and from the research I’ve gathered it’s a problem for ventura users. The battlenet app does not ask for permission to use the microphone, it does not show up under microphone to even allow it to do (On the contrast both discord and firefox show up undermicrophone so can allow or deny them access) there is no way to manually add battlenet to the microphone. In ventura there is no plus button to add, you have to wait for the app to ask permission, and the battlenet never does. I have reinstalled it, i have reinstalled heroes of the storm several times and nothing. Putting the game in windowed mode and then running a sound check and moving the screen to see if the window pops up is a no go. It seems to be a bug or something with blizzard products. I would appreciate it if you all could look into it and provide a fix because I just want to talk with my friends in game when we party up to play. (The apps show up under accessibility to allow control of your computer but not under the microphone tab. And allowing access to the computer does not prompt a request when you use a microphone).

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