Meta or IMBA Wc3 races?

A 15 year player. Currently Human is weak! EVERY SINGLE RACE attacks Human at the start with 1 hero to tip the scales in their favor. Meta? No. Imbalance that other race users love to exploit. Hero’s struggle to stay in the battle at the start with footman vs 1 hero. They tech, while Human had better not tech. Then the enemy shows up with T2 units, while the human is still trying to start their tech. (If the Human techs, he will lose to the initial attack.) We can’t use peons to fight with. They die to easy and need to be harvesting plus they will turn back to slow moving peons due to militia form don’t last. If a Human can play well, doing the right things, the game will last long enough to lose to not having enough gold on the map to keep in the fight. The units are more expensive than all the other races, has less HP and leave much to be desired for defense or attack strength. Notice there are NONE Human pro’s winning tourneys. None! Fix this. The only way Human wins is when the other race player sucks. No more Th000, no more infi, no more human pro’s winning. Only a struggle to lose when they make a single mistake.