Mercenaries error

since the new mercenaries update when i try to go into the new map it frozes at the 3 rd fight and i can’t reconect anymore. please fix cause it says i have less than 1 hour to get the quest for nzoth done.


my mercs are frozen too.
actually now hearthstone is frozen for me
I have logged in and out multiple times and each time it says i was disconnected and will reconnect to game…then it freezes on the “resuming” banner and it never resumes


Having same issue. There was a Blowfish looking character portrait for this fight, but it didn’t have a name. I clicked on it and now am stuck in a Resuming Match loop every time I try to load the game.


Такая же проблема - зависла игра полностью.

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уменя тожесамое что делать?

I like how we have a timed mission and I cant evven get to it. Merrcs keeps throwing me out of darkshore

Still happening, endless resuming loop…happens on all devices…

can’t play anything on hearthstone

i did find out that if you click “exit game” when game is reconnecting…it closes hearthstone, and it does not end the current game

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I am totally stuck. I cannot open the game at all since the patch came in. I tried both PC and mobile. I am stuck at a screen saying " You were reconnected to your game. Resuming…" There is no way to skip this. Please let me know how to fix this.


This morning the game went through the same problem where is got stuck at “You were reconnected to your last game. Resuming…” Then something different, the game closed out on its own, saying “game was saved…” I restarted HS and it said reconnecting to game, but instead of the resuming loop, it finally simply said, “unable to reconnect to your game”.
Thank the Old Gods!
I can finally play HS again.